Marriage Equality in Germany Is on the Verge Of Legalization

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Jun 28 2017, 2:16pm

Pink triangle: Germany has dragged its feet on legalizing marriage equality despite several other European countries allowing same-sex couples to wed. The conservative bloc of the German parliament has kept the right to marry in a chokehold, but the center-left is pushing back. LGBTQ Germans have been permitted to enter civil partnerships since 2001, but a separate-but-equal legislation never benefits minorities.

Red eye: After months of being shut down in lower courts across the country, President Trump's infamous travel ban that overtly discriminates against Muslims is temporarily getting the green light. On Monday, the Supreme Court sanctioned certain parts of the ban, which means that officials can literally turn travelers away trying to enter the country from one of the six blocked Muslim-majority countries. The Supreme Court will hear arguments for enforcing the travel ban in full in the fall and it's sure to be a legal showdown.

Vote on GOP Health (Death) Care Bill Delayed: After the Congressional Budget Office made it crystal clear that if the Senate GOP's Obamacare repeal bill passed it would likely result in around 23 million more Americans being uninsured, a vote has been delayed until after the summer recess. In the meantime, most lawmakers will be spending time in their home districts which is a great opportunity to let them know how you feel about the possibility of millions of people essentially being told to fuck off.

Burn after reading: On Tuesday, a ransomware attack targeted computer systems in Europe and the US, syphoning information on government, national infrastructure and finance. Ransomware is when people are locked out of their files and then are forced to pay for access to the data. Be careful what you click on because cyber warfare is not going anywhere and anytime soon.

Let me Google that for you: Google's parent company, Alphabet, is having a rough week after EU officials dealt it a 2.7 billion dollar fine. The company is charged with violating antitrust laws because of how it promotes products through its shopping service. This is a huge wake-up call for the tech industry and how businesses conduct fair trade practices.

The breaking point: It's a bad scene in Venezuela. Current President Nicolas Maduro appears to have been involved in some shady shit. He's taken away power from the country's national assembly, tried to overhaul the nation's constitution, and stacked the Supreme Court in his favor. Citizens are upset and there have been clashes with military during protests. On Tuesday night, a helicopter rained bombs and gunfire down on the Supreme Court building and the orchestrators are calling for the president to resign. The attackers are calling themselves freedom fighters, but Maduro says they're terrorists. The nation may be beyond a peaceful resolution at this point.