Pirates Fan Catches Cardinals HR, Promptly Throws it In River

July 16, 2017, 12:43am
@Cardinals, Twitter

Last night, one fan caught a home run swung by Cardinals third baseman Jedd Gyorko. Gosh, how lucky. Except that the fan was a Pirates fan—at home in Pittsburgh. So that shit had to go.

Sure, you can just toss it back on to the field, but why do that? You are a pirate. It's your job to send foes to their watery grave. So the man hucked the ball away into the mighty Allegheny, where that garbage belongs.

Here's another angle, so you can catch this pretty impressive missile in its full arc. Majestic.

Thankfully for Mr. Pirate Arm, Gyorko's two-run homer constituted the only score on the night for the Cards. The Pirates came away with five runs of their own. They're also playing each other again right now, so maybe last night set a nice little precedent. Maybe this time, whoever catches a Cards homer should take the time to sharpie "GTFOH" before launching it in.