Miguel Drops an Unexpectedly Delightful Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover

His Triple J cover of RHCP's "Porcelain" came out alongside a slinky new song called "Python."
July 27, 2018, 10:28am

Miguel could've picked any post-Blood Sugar Sex Magik Red Hot Chili Peppers song and reworked it into an intricate and glistening pop-funk cover. But rather than finding something bass-heavy, staccato-laced, and indebted to his beloved Los Angeles, he picked the delicate Californication cut "Porcelain" for his "Like a Version" session on Australia's Triple J. The multi-talented 35-year-old singer-songwriter delivered the song in the same hushed whisper that Anthony Kiedis did on record, only deviating from the melody towards the end, effortlessly reaching to the top of his register. It's an unexpected treat, one that reminds me to revisit RHCP's more awkwardly tender moments as much as it reminds me that Miguel's War & Leisure has been cruelly underplayed in the middle of this crippling heat-wave.

It's so good that it almost distracts from Miguel's new song, "Python," released late last night. It's a slinky and kinetic mass of syncopated funk, adorned with unexpected piano lines and falsetto flights. Listen to that below, and spend your morning drinking something cold.

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