This Mom Allegedly Let Her 15-Year-Old Run an Illegal Pot Shop from Her Bedroom

She might have taken the "cool mom" thing a little too far.
August 21, 2018, 7:50pm

Usually, a self-proclaimed "cool mom" might let a basement full of tweens watch an R-rated movie, or sneak their high schooler a glass of wine on a family vacation. But one mother in California seemingly took the title way, way too far—allegedly hooking up her 15-year-old daughter with a shit ton of weed and letting her run a full-scale illegal dispensary from her bedroom, the New York Post reports.

On Friday, cops raided the family's home in Delhi, California, where 44-year-old Norma Angelica Alvarez was allegedly letting her teenage daughter "use and sell" marijuana "from her bedroom," a side hustle that she presumably promoted with this makeshift business sign on her door:

Along with the creative piece of marketing, the Merced County Sheriff's Office found "packaged marijuana for sale, marijuana edibles, and other items associated with the sales and use of marijuana belonging to the daughter," along with what looks like dozens of blunt wraps and a scale inside the girl's not-so-secret dispensary. The cops confiscated this massive haul from her bedroom alone:

But the teen entrepreneur wasn't the only one allegedly in on the action. Cops reportedly found 80 pounds of weed and an AK-47 inside the master bedroom, along with 12 pot plants in a backyard greenhouse. Now Alvarez could be looking at serious jail time for allegedly taking an extreme Nancy Botwin approach to parenting. The cops arrested her and 44-year-old Jose Reyes Martinez, another adult at the house, and wound up placing the teenage daughter and another juvenile in Child Protective Services.

Sure weed is legal in California, and it's easy to understand maybe turning a blind eye when your teen rips a joint out on the back deck. But basically grooming your kid to become a drug kingpin is probably taking the "cool mom" thing a little too far. There's a reason most parents are lame.

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