Nardwuar’s Lil Nas X Interview Is the Must-Watch Cultural Event of 2019

The “Old Town Road” singer posted in the interview’s YouTube comments, “sorry learning how to talk in my grill u guys. don’t hate me.”
May 14, 2019, 2:47pm
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Credit: YouTube/NardwuarServiette

With Lil Nas X’s continued dominance of the Billboard Hot 100 for six straight weeks with his breakout hit “Old Town Road,” a Nardwuar interview seemed inevitable. The charmingly goofy Canadian journalist has already landed chats with rising stars like Blueface and Sheck Wes so far this year but his conversation with Lil Nas X at Rolling Loud in Miami is probably his most entertaining yet in 2019. Where some artists push back and act creeped out by Nardwuar’s meticulously researched shtick, the 20-year-old Atlanta artist born Montero Lamar Hill was more than game to play along.

At the start of the interview, Nardwuar handed him a 1959 issue of Country Song Roundup magazine featuring Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. Lil Nas X revealed about the latter, “Billy [Ray Cyrus] told me I reminded him of him." Other fascinating moments from the conversation include Lil Nas X reminiscing about the days of just having five dollars in his Wells Fargo account, his affinity for emojis, and his father R.L. Stafford’s gospel career. But perhaps the biggest shock comes when the usually accurate Nardwuar flubbed the name of Cupcakke’s remix of “Old Town Road,” mistakenly calling it “Old Time Hoe” instead of “Old Town Hoe.”

Even though that minor mistake is out of character for the interviewing legend, the interview is still a must watch clip, especially for Lil Nas X’s awkwardness adjusting to talking in his new grill. He posted in the YouTube comments: “sorry learning how to talk in my grill u guys. don’t hate me. ” Watch it below and be on the lookout for the official video for “Old Town Road,” which drops Friday.