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High-Functioning Flesh’s “Human Remains” Single Is as Grim and Gory as Its Name

The Los Angeles duo returns with a 7" on Dais Records

by Colin Joyce
Feb 10 2016, 4:45pm

Courtesy of Dais Records

High-Functioning Flesh—the Los Angeles-based, synth-worshipping duo of Gregory Vand and Susan Subtract—have spent the past three years crafting a uniquely mutilated take on EBM's stark electronics, and today they return with even more bleakness. Following the amphetamine arpeggios of last year's Definite Structures, Vand and Subtract will release a new 7" on Dais Records featuring a pair of new tracks—"Human Remains" and "Heightened State"—that demonstrate their complex understanding of the genre's grinning revulsion.

Today, they're sharing the first of those two tracks, which transmutes their chilled synthesizer runs and ritualistic death chants into a dead-eyed dance party that sounds something like a disco ball rolling slowly into a morgue. It's terrifying, nauseating, and jubilant in equal measure. It's the sort of thing you might hear at the peak of one of the more unsettling David Lynch films—a soundtrack to the party right before the shit hits the fan. You'll want to listen here in advance of the 7"'s release on February 26.