THUMP Mix: Legowelt

The Hague producer kicks off our new mix series from his house on the North Sea coast.

May 4 2016, 1:10pm

Art by Harry Gassel and Eric Hu

For years now, Danny Wolfers been creating his own world from his lab up in the Hague, the Netherlands. His work as House of Jezebel, Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew, and most famously, Legowelt is a defiantly trippy take on analogue house and techno. His stunningly large and varied back catalogue—featuring many a lost soundtrack to retrofuturist teen slasher VHS flicks—makes him one of European electronic music's most beloved and eccentric figures.

While Wolfers might not strictly consider himself a DJ, we've seen him play out, and we'd politely disagree. That's why we've asked him to kickstart our new mix series. This one takes in everything from the warped gospel of San Jose's Lady Blacktronika to the glitchy, gauzy dreamhouse of Proibito-signed producer Austin Cesear; there's even a few Legowelt classics thrown for good measure. Check out the mix below, along with a quick chat with the man himself.

THUMP: How are we meant to enjoy the mix? What's the perfect setting?
Legowelt: Dancing, training, fitnessing, weightlifting, cleaning, gardening, cooking, shopping—all kinds of stuff.

Is synesthesia a real thing and if so, what color is this mix?
Arctic Lime HEX: #D0FF14.

If you could only listen to one track from the mix on a loop for all eternity, which one would it be and why?
The Lady Blacktronika's "Never Everything": a texture of pure soul, sorrow, and defiance.

Where did you record it?
In my living room in my house on the North Sea coast.

Favorite moment of the mix?
I guess when it goes from Elektrvolt's "Nani" track into DBX's City on the edge of forever. There's some weird stuff happening in the beginning, too, with that "They ate all my wasabi" track. Or maybe when it goes from Jordan Fields' "Boxbeater" into that "XTC" track... Yeah, that one might be the most favorite—it just keeps going.

Intro looping/samplerfreaking
George Duke - Follow The Rainbow
Golden Ivy - Time Out
Huerco S
Megga - Herbal Essence
MGUN - Mask
Haf Haf - The Wasabi You Ate
Matrixxman - Secret Garden
Elektrovolt - Nani
DBX - City On The Edge Of Forever
Dollkraut - Fire
RBM - Latinos In Brooklyn
Paranoid London - Light Tunnel
Seven Davis Jr. - Welcome Back
Yoruba Soul Instrumental
Gunnar Haslam - Nevence
Lady Blacktronika - Never Everything
Jordan Fields - Boxbeater
Deo & Z-Man - XTC
UFOCUS - Fun With Fractals
DJ QU - Loveboxxx
Legowelt - Sampling Winter
Joey Anderson - Repulsive
Austin Ceasar - Cloud Hall
Legowelt - Beach Oceano

Legowelt is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

Josh Baines is the editor of THUMP UK and you can follow him here.

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