It's Our 20th Birthday This Friday!

So naturally, we're throwing a big party for ourselves with lots of special musical guests.

Dec 4 2014, 11:01pm

​VICE is turning 20 tomorrow and to celebrate we're throwing a huge party for all our friends and family!

We've rented out a massive space in New York where we're going to be eating and drinking and having fun with our friends and a selection of ​competition winners. 

We've also put together a supergroup that will be led by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs; backing him up will be a gang of the best musicians in New York who are prepared to play all night long. There'll also be special appearances from our favorite stars from around the world—together they'll be burning through a setlist of seminal hits that will include everything from "The Kids Are United" to "House of Jealous Lovers" to "Anarchy in the UK."

This VICE house band will be made up of Nick, Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow, Pauli the PSM, and Jack Lawrence, the bassist from the Raconteurs.

We can't tell you who all the other special guests are, but we can tell you that the list is pretty damn amazing. All will become clear as the night goes on. It's a ridiculous plan which promises to be amazing and probably more than a little chaotic.

Which is all fine and dandy, but what are we doing for you, our readers and viewers who've supported us over the past two decades? Well, we're going to be filming the whole thing. Tomorrow night and over the weekend we'll be putting up a bunch of these unique performances onto our YouTube channel so you can see what happened. Plus, we're going to be dropping a lot more stuff during the next few days. So keep your eye on VICE, Noisey, and the VICE Twitter feed.

We'll be releasing the list of all the special guests in the next few hours.

Thank you for all the love and abuse you've doled out over the last 20 years,


Update: Check out ​Nick Zinner's Twitter for part of tomorrow's lineup:

Update II: Two more special guests we can announce: Paul Banks of Interpol and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy

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