Pablo Escobar Might Not Survive the Second Season of 'Narcos'

The new season premieres September 2 on Netflix.

by VICE Staff
Aug 23 2016, 5:14pm

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The first season of Netflix's show Narcos was a pretty brilliant synthesis of true crime and Vinnie Chase–style cartel pulp, but it has faded from conversation thanks to the slew of new stuff Netflix has been dropping over the past few months. But Narcos will be back for a second season this September, and from the look of the new trailer, it's going to be intense.

The story picks up after Escobar escapes from prison, igniting tensions between rival cartels and the FBI agents who put him behind bars in season one. Things look to be gearing up for full-scale war. And, if the show's new poster and—spoiler alert—real-life history are any indication, things might not be looking very good for the drug lord by the end of this season.

Give the trailer a watch above, and check out the second season of Narcos on Netflix on September 2.

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