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London Disco Legend Toby Tobias Is Back With a Ghetto Funk Balearic Bomb

Stream two tracks from the sublime A Room for Babette EP, forthcoming on Cosmic Pint Glass.

by Josh Baines
Jul 15 2016, 7:04pm

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

For over a decade now Toby Tobias has been releasing the kind of disco-tinged house jams that are custom built for super sweaty Saturdays and sleepless Sundays. Which is why we're incredibly happy that he's teamed up with the best cosmic-balearic-weirdo-whatever label in East Anglia for a brand spanking new, very special, 12"

Out now on wax, and arriving on digital later in the month on Cosmic Pint Glass, the A Room for Babette EP's a sizzler. Who, you might be thinking, is Babette when she's at home? Well, according the lads over at Cosmic Pint Glass' Norwich HQ, "when Toby Tobias visited Ibiza he used to stay at an amazing B&B ran by Babette. She was one of the original party people on the island and would hang out with the likes of Grace Jones." If she's good enough for dear old Grace, we reckon she's alright by us.

Tobias' ode to her is a rolling nine minute wigged out Balearic roller that sits somewhere between the sun-lounger and the basement. We're also bringing you an exclusive listen to the sleazily seductive "Touch Me", which is a gorgeously decadent slice of R&B re-edit perfection.

The EP's backed with a remix from Ptaki, but you'll have to buy it to hear that one...

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