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Get Your Claws on Cult of Fire's Atmospheric, Vengeful New EP

Download the untitled mini-album for free via the enigmatic Czech black metallers' website

by Kim Kelly
Mar 14 2017, 7:52pm

Cult of Fire is inarguably one of the most interesting black metal bands out there right now. Modern black metal's customary lip service to certain spiritual or occult influences often feels forced, or hollow; not so here. The band's obsession with the esoteric, the tantric, and Vedic rituals separate them from the Satan-worshipping pack, and their interest in Hindu mysticism translates into otherworldly atmospheres and intriguing melodic structures within the songs themselves. Their Czech heritage also positions them squarely within the country's long history of presenting unique, creative black metal for worldwide consumption, and the strength of their own material ensures that they'll one day be remembered in the same breath as Root and Master's Hammer.

For now, though, the band has busied itself with its own legacy, turning away from former label Iron Bonehead to release several new mini-albums via its own Beyond Eyes Productions. Their Life, Sex & Death EP dropped in September 2016, and today they've resurfaced once more to offer an untitled new EP for free download on the band's official website. The EP is also available on twelve-inch black vinyl with an etched B side (it costs 14.00 € ot 370 Kč; email to place an order).

As a matter of fact, they've pulled a Thou in that respect; all of the band's releases are available, from their 2011 EP to their triumphant last album, 2013's मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान. Many of their releases are available on a succession of beautiful vinyl editions, too—and we of course encourage you to support the band by buying them—but it's extremely rad to see the band breaking down price barriers and offering their art up for public consumption like this.

The songs aren't streaming, but, again, you can download them for free, which is even better. Head on over to the Cult of Fire website now, and immerse yourself in the cursed sounds of black metal's future.

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