Korean Player Bunts for a Stand Up Double

A guy bunted for a stand-up double and I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose.

by Sean Newell
May 13 2016, 4:11pm

Courtesy of indispensable bat flip curator @MyKBO, we have this unconventional double from the Korean Baseball Organization. Batting in the third inning against NC Dinos today, KT Wiz outfielder Lee Dae-hyung squared up like he was going to bunt, and then took an abbreviated swing that lofted the ball over second base, landing right at the fringe of the infield.

The apparent bunt attempt had forced the second baseman and the shortstop to come in for what they expected to be a ground ball, but the loft and placement of the ball was such that they had no chance to regroup to make a play on the ball. Once it got past them and rolled into the outfield, Lee turned on the jets and motored into second base for a stand-up double and I'm pretty sure it was entirely on purpose.

Lee has actually bunted for a double before, although it wasn't nearly as tricky as this most recent attempt. Back in 2011, the third baseman misjudged his route to the ball and it wound up squirting into the outfield.

Pretty good, but it's hard to top a stand-up bunt double.