Extremely Patriotic Bill Walton Argues in Favor of Weed On ESPN's National Championship Coverage

Bill Walton is dressed as Uncle Sam for some reason but is also making sense about marijuana. Jay Bilas looks scandalized.

by Kevin Trahan
Jan 10 2017, 4:00am

The national championship game is a bit of a snoozer so far, so as alternate entertainment, ESPN is broadcasting a program called "ESPN Voices," which is a bunch of ESPN employees hanging out in a room and watching the game. One of those employees is Bill Walton, who is a crazy person in a very awesome way.

Sporting an Uncle Sam outfit, Walton was apparently bored of the football game, and directly after a commercial break, ESPN came back to Walton going off on a tangent about how marijuana should be legalized and sentences for current offenders should be wiped.

Walton is very right about the country's ludicrous marijuana laws. However, this is probably the first time you've ever heard someone advocating for marijuana law reform on a casual sports program. So you'll forgive Jay Bilas if it caught him by surprise a bit.

While Bilas looked like a narc getting a little hot under the collar, the rest of the room gave Walton a round of applause.

Keep doing the Lord's work, Bill.