Psychics Describe the Moment They Knew They Were Gifted
All images by Julia Edelman

Psychics Describe the Moment They Knew They Were Gifted

Psychics, tarot card readers, and astrologists reflect on their gift and their most memorable clients.
June 10, 2016, 4:30pm

Everyone remembers their first time. For some, this may mean joining the world of the occult. As it turns out, moments of stress and hardship often sharpen the senses and force one to depend on intuition, which can result in prophetic dreams or visions. We ask several psychics, tarot card readers, and astrologists about when they first realized they were gifted and their most memorable clients.

Frank Andrews, psychic

BROADLY: When did you first become aware that you were psychic?
Frank Andrews: I might have been about eight or nine, and I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat up, and at the foot of my bed was a woman. I knew who she was, and as far as I knew, she was very much alive. She wasn't floating, but there was a slight movement to her, and I looked at her, and I said, "You look so beautiful. Why did you come here?" and she said, "I came to say goodbye." And with that, it just broke into this incredible array of sparkling little stars.

In the morning, I was having breakfast with my sisters, who also are very psychic, and we were sitting at the table when my mother answered the phone in the next room. In those days, you only had one phone. So she came into the room, and she had this look on her face. She said, "Guess who died last night?" and I said, "Grace." She goes, "How do you know?" and I said, "I saw her. She was in my bedroom last night." And my mother said, "Oh, you saw a ghost. Don't tell everybody. They'll think you're crazy." And that was the beginning.

You were involved with Andy Warhol. How did that come about?
He never had a reading. He was too scared. But he did my portrait in exchange for lithographs that I got from Yoko Ono that John Lennon had done, called "Bag #1". There was going to be "Bag #2" and "Bag #3," but then he was murdered. The portrait is really beautiful, and people say, "Oh, he must have liked you, because you look good." A lot of his portraits are a little crooked, or the mouth is a little off, because he thought portraits were an ego trip. But I didn't ask for the portrait—he asked me.

So one night we went out to the Odeon, and it was a bunch of us, and I pulled out a tarot card. I wrote on there, "To Andy, Love Frank Andrews." I slid it across the table, and he looked at it, and put it away, and it was the death card. That was the last time I saw him. People said, "Why'd you give him that card?" but I just said I pulled out whatever. I think the one thing he didn't want to hear was what happened that night, because he died shortly thereafter.

Kali Ma, psychic and reader

Broadly: Do you remember the first time you felt you were gifted?
Kali Ma: What I noticed first was that I always knew when people were cheating on me. [Laughs] I would have really vivid dreams, but it was horrible because I would tell them the dream, and then the person would be defensive and angry—but it would be confirmed every time, sometimes years later.
The way you find out [about your ability] is when you are forced to use it. When your body and your senses are just so heightened to what's going on around you, because you're in a place where you're hurt. And you're being warned by your guides and your angels, and your spirit and higher self are saying, "Hey, this is bad for you, and we're going show you how bad it is."

What has been your most memorable breakthrough with a client?
I warned someone about losing a lot of money, and they ended up losing, like, $70,000. And I told them what not to do, but they did it anyway, and it happened. Then they came back to me, and were like, "Are you going be my guru now?" But I was like, "Hell no. I don't want to work with someone who never listens to me."

What is your earliest memory of feeling gifted?
Gayle Stacher: My earliest time that I remember was when I was 12. I had a dream that my grandfather passed, and I was outside of the dream, looking in, and my whole family was around but my grandfather wasn't. My grandfather died on father's day, and he was in the hospital. My whole family was in his home, but he wasn't there. And I remember thinking how real that was. I had this experience of what was to be. Like, why was my family all together? And as a kid I always had a sense of knowing, but I didn't know what it meant.

Do visions often come to you in dreams?
I think that we're all really sensitive, and dreams are amazing. When you wake up, if you remember your dream, you should write it down, even if it's just the color or the tone. Did you hear something? What animal was there? And then write some of those symbols down, and go to a book, like Ted Andrews' Animal Speak, which is an amazing book about interpreting signs and omens. That's how I put things together and see there is a lot of meaning, and that I should pay attention to it.

How do tarot cards help us understand who we are?
It's an invitation to know. We're meeting to have this moment where we can look at the information and find out what we need to know to bring us to the next place in your life. And how do I evaluate all those things? So this visual dictionary is filled will all these symbols and colors and numbers, and it gives me a platform to tell you back your story. For me, that's the most meaningful thing. It creates healing and a sense of movement.

Angel Eyedealism, astrologist

When did you first realize you were gifted?
Angel Eyedealism: When I was a young lady, I had near-death experiences. I nearly died at least ten times throughout the 1980s and into the 90s. I turned to astrology, tarot, metaphysics, read everything I could on color therapy, and I cured myself. By studying these things, I realized I wasn't going to die, and I knew it because I felt it in a spiritual sense. The traditional medical route was killing me, and I remember thinking how comforting it was to know that I wasn't going to die. I felt it in my bones. There's this window of opportunity between life and death, so what are you going to do? It made me want to live and do everything I could possibly do.

How has being an astrologist helped you in day-to-day life?
I used to be terribly co-dependent. I always wanted to help mostly fucked-up guys. I'd be like, "Hey, you, you're fucked up, I can help." But nobody liked it. The person that I was trying to help, whether they were a drug addict or an alcoholic, really didn't want any help. And I didn't get it that they really didn't want to be helped, or couldn't be helped, and somebody finally said to me, "Helping them is not helping them."

So now, I sit and give people information. I help them and then they go on their way, and the whole point is that hopefully they take this information, and it's actionable advice.

What's your most memorable experience with a client?
I had this Indian couple. I never discuss information since it's very private, but let's call this guy Mr. X. He wanted to quit his job, was very stressed out, and had been working at this place for ten years. But Jupiter was about to go into his house of money. I told him, "Don't quit. You are coming into money very soon—like, tomorrow." So he went into work the next day, and he got a huge raise. He never e-mailed, but then his wife called, and she made an appointment. She wanted to have a baby and had been trying for 15 years. They were really in love, and it was beautiful. The fifth house is childbearing, and she had Chiron the Wounded Healer [there], which is a huge amount of pain. So I told her that if she waited six months after Chiron was out of this house, then she had a chance. Well, Mr. X emailed me a couple months ago, and goes, "We have a little baby girl! We love you so much!" For some people, having kids is huge, and I was able to give her advice that actually helped her do that.