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Surprise! Alice Glass Dropped a Solo EP While Nobody Was Looking

The self-titled collection is her first significant body of work since leaving Crystal Castles in 2014.

by Lauren O'Neill
Aug 18 2017, 2:46pm

Just over a week ago, we heard Alice Glass' first new song since 2015, "Without Love." Then, benevolent as she is, the next day she dropped a music video for it, which matches the track's soft-but-sharp-edged vibe. Clearly, the element of surprise works for Alice, so today, with almost no fanfare, she has an eponymous six-song EP, into the world. And, you know, the world feels a little more feminine, a little more beautiful, and a little tougher for it.

Considering her impact, it's strange that this is only Alice Glass' first ever solo collection of work, but though it's been a long time coming, it feels like a perfect encapsulation of who she is and the sound she's worked towards throughout her career. It's electronic pop full of feeling—rage, love—as though it's been played on a piano made of glass shards; kind of like looking at the last song of the night, sweaty and sentimental, through a kaleidoscope.

Like "Without Love," the EP as a whole was written by Glass, with longtime collaborator Jupiter Keyes of HEALTH on production. It's basically a huge triumph for a woman whose vindication has been long overdue. Let's hope an album will follow soon, but for now you can listen to Alice Glass below, for something quite unlike anything that we've heard in 2017 so far.

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