Trippy Stereoscopic GIFs Take You Inside Underground NYC Scenes

Luis Lucio's wobble GIFs capture the youthful energy of bands and bars on the Bowery.

Oct 21 2016, 1:35pm

Images courtesy of the artist

Conflicting rainbows contour subjects in late-night New York scenes brought to life by a gentle parallax wobble. Stereoscopic GIFs can be mesmerizing, but the retro-futuristic aesthetics of Luis Lucio take his images to a realm not of photographic fact, but fantasy. In basements and bars, which Lucio says he gets into using the truly Thomsonesque “I work for a magazine” cue, his four-lensed camera makes photos of bands and fans alike drip with nostalgia.

Lucio explores the ways to recreate the sensations of the lifestyles his pictures portray. “I want to picture my personal experience of things I love: underground and famous bands playing in NYC or just a lifestyle,” he tells The Creators Project. Check out a handful of his stereoscopic GIFs below: 


To see more works from Luis Lucio, click here.


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