Marshmello's New Single Is Impossibly Colorful

The masked marauder teams up with Ookay and Noah Cyrus—Miley's younger sister—on "Chasing Colors."

by Colin Joyce
Feb 24 2017, 4:25pm

Photo courtesy of the artist.

After a couple of singles indulging his more chart-ready impulses, your favorite masked marauder Marshmello's back with another track that feels as wonderfully oversaturated and overstimulated as a colorized black-and-white film. The appropriately titled "Chasing Colors," finds Mello meeting up with Los Angeles producer Ookay and Noah Cyrus—the younger sister of Miley and Trace—for a session of EDM fingerpainting. The producer duo splatters vibrant synthesizer lines and easel-toppling drops over Cyrus' aspirational lyrics about heading out into the world in search of the joys of life.

It's seems like pretty standard fare for mainstage EDM types, but Marshmello has a pretty unique knack for turning familiar moments into brilliant blasts of vibrant energy. This one really takes off when he turns Cyrus' voice into the sort of chipmunk-gone-nightcore sound that powers the chorus—driving the song straight through the stratosphere. It can seem pretty dark out there, but turns out there's some pretty cool colors out there in space too.