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DJ Tim Dolla's Big Dope P Remix is One for the Jersey Boys

Warning: This is a Frankie Valli free zone.

by Josh Baines
Jul 31 2015, 2:13pm

A few months back now, Big Dope P, the French ghetto house don, and massive pizza appreciator, a Moveltraxx label don, roped in a tonne of top-tier talent for the star-studded Hit Da Blokk EP on Nightwave's Heka Trax label. It's not often that you'll find Rustie, DJ Earl and Ikonika on the same slab of vinyl and, happily, it was all as good as the line-up suggested. Our American cousins have already given you a taste of the record, in the guise of the Feadz remix on there, so we wanted to grab a slice of the action too. Step forward DJ Tim Dolla.

For the uninitiated, Dolla is part of the Brick Bandits crew, a coterie of producers and pioneers of the Jersey Club we profiled in a series of documentaries. You remember those right? Dolla's remix is claustrophobically intense, skyscraper-tall, brutalist slab of tough club music, and we wouldn't expect anything less.

Hit Da Blokk is out now on Heka Trax and you can buy it here.

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