ACC "Reprimands" Duke's Grayson Allen for Tripping Florida State's Xavier Rathan-Mayes

Grayson Allen was reprimanded. OK, sure.

by Sean Newell
Feb 26 2016, 10:00pm

In the waning seconds of Dukes 80-65 win over Florida State in Cameron Indoor, Grayson Allen clearly and intentionally tripped Xavier Rathan-Mayes. He immediately realized he fucked up and acted surprised when Rathan-Mayes fell. Allen even offered to help Rathan-Mayes to his feet, but the damage was done. Dude got caught, again. Not three weeks ago, Allen also tripped Louisville's Raymond Spalding. For that trip, he was given a flagrant foul. For this one, the conference "reprimanded" him, whatever the hell that means.

Note the amazing description of what transpired on Duke's home court during the final 10 seconds of a 15-point blowout (emphasis added): "The reprimand was issued following the review of the game by the league office, and is based on Allen's involvement in the tripping of Florida State's Xavier Rathan-Mayes at the end of the game." This is adorable. As if Allen were a bit player in a wide-ranging conspiracy between the wind, a stubborn floorboard, and maybe even a slight tectonic shift, all leading up to "the tripping of" another player. ACC, if you're not going to have the balls to actually punish him for obviously, and now repeatedly, tripping opponents, at least say he tripped them. But then again, if you said he tripped somebody, then you'd probably have to punish him. Tough spot to be in.

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