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IDM Idioms & 9 More Things We Love on the Dance Music Internet

Idris Elba, Moogfest, Bookworms and more made our list of the week's best things.

by Britt Julious
Jun 10 2017, 5:50pm

1. Summer soundtrack playlists

Confused on what jams to play during your summer cookouts? We've compiled eight of the best DJ-created playlists to take you from feast to fireworks.

2. IDM

The genre intensified and contrasted historical symptoms that had appeared in music from the previous century.

What was IDM? Our friends at Noisey Italy connect the 90s and early aughts genre to the likes of classical music like Brahms.

3. New Bookworms intricate tapestry of shadowy sounds and layers, looped and woven tightly into one another

Hear the latest album by Brooklyn producer Bookworks, exclusively on THUMP.

4. Ibiza Comedown

Mixmag crafted this smart and satisfying playlist for the hours after the after-hours.

5. Moogfest portraits

S U R V I V E by Matt Lief Anderson

Photographer Matt Lief Anderson captured the weird, sexy, softer side of Moogfest in this series of stunning photos featuring Suzanne Ciani, Flying Lotus, Suzi Analog and more.

6. Idris the DJ

FACT takes a look at the actor Idris Elba's curious side career as a DJ.

7. Festival fever

On the latest episode of the THUMP podcast, we recap the sights, sounds and afterparties of Movement and discover an even weirder music festival, Indiana's Snake Pit.

8. Urine Trouble

Do what feels right! If the music means so much to you then soggy pants shouldn't get in the way of that.

What happens when you're in the middle of a concert and you desperately need to go to the bathroom? For one guy, you just go with the flow.

9. Life post-Ghost Ship

In our latest documentary, we take a look at life post-Ghost Ship and how artist communities are handling the fallout.

10. The A–Z of techno

From Alan Toffler to Jeff Mills to Underground Resistance, Mixmag breaks down their picks for the A–Z of Techno.

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