Michael Bloomberg hasn't given up hope on Trump

Michael Bloomberg says its too early to judge the Trump administration.

by Evan McMorris-Santoro
Sep 29 2017, 3:28pm

Michael Bloomberg is spending his time these days trying to tackle big goals like curbing climate change and passing new gun laws, in a world where the White House is anything but an ally. But he still thinks the Trump administration could become one someday.

In an interview with VICE News at his Global Business Forum meeting near the United Nations General Assembly last week, the former New York City mayor said President Trump needs more time to learn how things work.

“This administration came in with brand-new people, and a president that’s new to the job and didn’t have a lot of experience and a lot of these things, which is okay. Public wanted him, public voted for him, he won the election,” Bloomberg said. “But he’s got to learn. So you’ve got to give him a little more time.”

This segment originally aired Sept. 21, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.