Don't Worry, You'll Still Be Able to Stream '30 Rock'

No need to dust off the DVD player just yet.
September 27, 2017, 6:54pm
Photo via by Theo Wargo via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Netflix dropped a list of everything it's booting from the site in October. Along with fan favorites like Louie, Friday Night Lights, and possibly How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock got swept up in the list. Not too long after that announcement, fans on Twitter started feeling pretty blergh about the whole thing and began experiencing the five stages of grief:






After about a week and a half of angry tweets, farewell thinkpieces, and fans wondering whether or not they'd have to dust off their DVD player to binge Tina Fey's glorious, Emmy Award–winning sitcom, Hulu stepped in to save the day. On Wednesday, the Netflix rival announced a new deal with NBCUniversal that will bring all seven seasons of the beloved show to the streaming service on October 1—the day it departs from Netflix—so fans won't have to miss a single day of watching Liz Lemon fan-girl over Oprah.

The deal will also bring episodes of NBC's Parenthood over to the site, as well as There's Johnny, British reality show Made in Chelsea, and the competition series FaceOff. The shows join Hulu's burgeoning stellar lineup of shows like Atlanta, Seinfeld, and this year's Emmy darling, Handmaid's Tale.

Needless to say, Twitter was pretty psyched with the news, and all was right in the world again: