Psych-Rock Troupe Post Animal Get Heavier on "Gelatin Mode"

Do you want to hear Steve Harrington from 'Stranger Things' telling you that your mind is about to explode? Well, we have good news.
March 28, 2018, 3:01pm

Chicago-based psych-rock group Post Animal announced their debut album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, last month with a single called "Ralphie." It was nimble and poppy, a sunny throwback to '70s FM radio melodies, breezy enough to make its lyrical anachronisms—"Ooh, baby[...] Ooh, girl"—sound natural. But the sextet (touring as a five-piece now because founding member Joe Keery is off playing Steve Harrington in Stranger Things) have a sludgier streak too, even if they grin their way through it. "Gelatin Mode," premiering above, retains the sharp melodic sensibilities of "Ralphie" but throws in a shitload of riffs and yelps and half-paced breakdowns, the sort of stuff that clearly grew out of basements and day-drinking sessions a half-century ago but still provides a shameless thrill now. Keery and bassist Dalton Allison trade verses, howling about getting "lifted on the darker stuff" before reaching a weird final hallucination: "Your mind, gelatin mode / Time to explode."

“For this video, we wanted to test our physical limits, gunning for stunts no one has ever attempted before," the band said in a statement. "We had no guidelines, no restrictions, just our minds, our bodies, and a camera. We have done away with ourselves. The nights grow short and the days linger. Prepare to abandon reason and have some fun as you venture into... gelatin mode “

Watch the ludicrous and wintry video at the top of the page. When I Think Of You In A Castle is out April 20 on Polyvinyl.

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