GIFs of People Floating in Water as Pure Relaxation | GIF Six-Pack

Soak in the sun while you soak in the pool.

by Beckett Mufson
May 27 2016, 3:10pm

Karan Singh

Screw the barbeque, Memorial Day weekend is about soaking in rays while soaking in water. Our Brooklyn headquarters have just gotten the summer memo and it is roasting out.  No one here has a pool, so these GIFs by the likes of Sam Cannon, Kyttenjanae, and Karan Singh are the best we're going to get, unless we burst open a fire hydrant Do the Right Thing-style and spray the neighborhood with the city's water supply.

That actually sounds awesome, but GIFs are all we've got for now. Enjoy the virtual waterscapes below.

Xaviera Lopez

Jason Clarke


Sam Cannon

Scorpion Dagger

BONUS: Gotta have at least one burger on Memorial Day.

Matthew Jocelyn

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