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[Premiere] Space Shapes and Static Sparkle in This Synthesized Music Video

Watch Sabrina Ratté’s new video-synthesized piece for ambient artist Evan Caminiti's track "Arc."

by Sami Emory
Jul 1 2015, 2:30pm

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Hotspots of rainbow static and glitchy assembly lines share the limelight in Sabrina Ratté’s new music video for ambient artist Evan Caminiti. Ratté meets her modular match in Caminiti’s track “Arc,” off of his latest album, Meridian (Thrill Jockey). The musician, who recently branched off from his duo Barn Owl to pursue solo work, swaps his signature guitar-based drone for synthetic harmonies and found sound. Ratté responds to the resultant deep space vibes with cached graphics and light spectra. "Inspired by the track's ambience and the textured sonorities, I aimed to produce abstract landscapes melting in a neon blue night, intertwined with a cold yet bright sunlight," the video artist discloses to Thrill Jockey. "The images were generated using modules from the LZX video synthesizer, and processed through the BPMC Touch, which allows control over the degradation of the image."

Watch Sabrina Ratté's music video for Evan Caminiti's "Arc" below:

Click here to check out and/or order Evan Caminiti's Meridian on Thrill Jockey and find info and tickets for his July 3rd show in New York here. Visit Sabrina Ratté's website for more synthesized works. 


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