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Listen to a Sleek-as-Silk Italo Disco Mix by Jacques Renault Ahead of Tomorrow's Italo Boiler Room

No time is a bad time to be reminded how psychedelically entrancing this genre is.

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 7 2015, 9:30pm

One of the best feelings on earth is getting caught in the sweet spot of Italo disco's cosmic, motor-like beat. You don't get much in the way of variation with the style, but its psychedelic pendulum swing more than makes up for it with the way it hits your endorphins like a jackpot. You can forgive us, then, for being so excited that Boiler Room is dedicating an event to it tomorrow in Brooklyn, featuring a panel discussion with the likes of THUMP contributor Andy Beta, Charlie Grappone of New York record store Vinyl Mania, Dan Seltzer (AKA New York Endless), The Juan Mclean, and Josh Cheon of Honey Soundsystem. The panel will be followed by DJ sets by Jacques Renault, Juan Mclean b2b Nancy Whang, Honey Soundsystem, and Classixx.

A Bullshitter's Guide to Italo Disco

Ahead of this star-studded event, Renault has delivered a terrific mix of Italo classics to get everyone ready for the proceedings. Boiler Room released the following statement from the DJ with the mix: "I'm sure any Italo enthusiast will know all of these tunes, so the point wasn't to wow you with how desirable the tracks are but rather give you a snapshot of what Italo I did find in the early 2000s that still means something to me today." Stream it below, check out the tracklist after the jump, and request an invite to tomorrow's event here.

Marzio Dance D.J. and Gang "Adventure (Theme Version)"
Doctor's Cat "Feel The Drive"
B B Band "All Night Long"
Cyber People "Void"
Moonbase "Waiting For A Train (Jacques Renault Edit)"
Gina & The Flexix "I Wanna Believe"
Plastic Mode "Mi Amor"
Faxe "Time For Change"
Lama "Love On The Rocks"
Kano "Another Life"
Danny Keith "Keep On Music"

Records bought from: A-1 Records, Academy on 10th, Bleeker Bob's Golden Oldies, Bleeker Street Records, Gimme Gimme Records, Kim's on St. Marks, Sonic Groove on Carmine

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