An Evening with Green Velvet and Friends at Movement Detroit 2014

We asked Green Velvet to document his night in Detroit.

Jun 3 2014, 8:17pm

The vision for this photo set is to truly capture what it's like to be backstage with the artists at Movement 2014. We want to show everyone that the lives of DJs are not to be glamorized, and really they just are hanging out with a bunch of friends at a festival like everyone else—they just so happen to be the people everyone is coming to see.

We gave a camera to Green Velvet and asked him to capture whatever moments make up his weekend—what we got back was a special set of photos that truly showed the love in the electronic music community and that all the DJs and producers show great support for one another. Something that makes the weekend in Detroit so special is that sense of love and support throughout the city, and that this festival is much more than listening to some talented artists with friends.

Right after Green Velvet's set, he runs into a couple of pals behind the scenes at the Beatport Stage—from left to right, Maceo Plex, Green Velvet and Justin Martin.

Another great musician with Green Velvet here: Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco. You can see the base of the huge Marriott Hotel, where several festival-goers, artists, and management alike stay for the duration of the festival.

The man on the left is Travis, he is the label representative at Beatport. No surprise here, you can find him lurking in the back of the Beatport Stage after Green Velvet's set, just when Claude VonStroke has begun closing it out for the night.

Heidi hanging out behind the Beatport stage with Green Velvet. Her set was not until Monday of the festival, but this gives you a good idea of the sense of camaraderie that is between all the DJs as they come and show some love to their other talented friends.

The other half of Simian Mobile Disco: James Ford with Green Velvet.

From left to right: Green Velvet, Julio Bashmore and Gene Ferris pose in the dark and just beyond you catch a glimpse of Windsor lit up across the Detroit River.

From left to right: Green Velvet, Rob Threezy, Julio Bashmore and Gene Ferris. Shout out to Julio's rad bucket hat.

DANGER DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE! WHEN WE TOUCH, WHEN WE KISS (this is what I think of whenever I see signs like this and they are littered around backstage because safety first).

Claude VonStroke and some dude with a go pro closing out the Beatport Stage.

Here is Green Velvet with Claude VonStroke's parents behind the Beatport stage supporting their son. Yes, I completely agree with you that this is 1) the most adorable photo in the set and 2) the yellow America turtleneck that Claude's mother is sporting is everything I need in my life right now.

Green Velvet's kicks.

What it's like to look at your arm in Detroit when you are Green Velvet.

A look at Windsor, Ontario, Canada from the festival site.

NO TRASH (this is meant to symbolize the lack of trash music in Detroit).

Final photo of Gene Ferris playing at Love the D! Movement After Party at the Shelter. This is at one of the most historical dance venues in the city—located in the dark basement of St. Andrew's Hall.

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