D'Angelo Russell Says Nick Young Vid Went Public Because He Was Hacked

Just end the season for the Lakers already.

by Sean Newell
Mar 30 2016, 5:51pm

The Lakers are the best thing going these days. Kobe Bryant is sputtering to the end of a Hall of Fame career looking like anything but a Hall of Famer, the head coach seems to actively dislike young players, and the one he actively dislikes the most, D'Angelo Russell, surreptitiously filmed Nick Young talking about his sexual conquests while engaged to singer Iggy Azalea. The Lakers are such a mess, that somehow an admittedly unfaithful dude with the nickname "Swaggy P" comes out looking like a victim.

The video surfaced online last week, but only truly gained traction last night when a gossip site, Fameolous, posted it. Young did not appear to know he was being filmed until the very end, when Russell said "I'm glad you told my video that." It's since been speculated that this caused tensions in the locker room last week and in part led to an embarrassing loss to the Utah Jazz on Monday night. You might remember that better as the game in which some weirdos sniffed Kobe Bryant's sweaty arm sleeve. And that is about where we are with this Lakers team: they are so terrible even a 123-75 loss to the Jazz—the worst in franchise history—takes a back seat to fans with a sweat fetish. So, sure, maybe this caused some discord on the team, but this is not really a team, either.

Regardless, it sounds like Russell has been ostracized for breaking the bro code of not filming another bro talking about infidelity. No one sat with him at breakfast recently, and Lou Williams straight-up left the locker room after Russell came in and sat down next to him. It's all very adult shit going on for Byron Scott's guys.

As the Lakers scramble to keep this from exploding further, "league sources" told Alex Kennedy that Russell filmed the exchange on Snapchat and his account was hacked. Videos and pictures are supposed to vanish once they are viewed and, according to Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding, Russell didn't think anyone would see the video. The hacking could explain how this otherwise personal and self-destructing video became permanently public—absent Russell passing it along to someone else—but Snapchat videos are limited to 10 seconds. There is apparently a work around that lets you film as long as you want. Maybe Russell has enabled that hack, maybe he hasn't. Maybe I've spent way too much time looking into Snapchat.

And while many players have criticized Russell for this betrayal of a teammate, there is one who's pretty OK with it: