Ronaldinho Administers Filthy No-Look Assist in Geriatric El Classico

Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, Ronaldinho, and let's hit the club the next time you're stateside.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 28 2017, 8:58pm

Over the years, Ronaldinho wound his way down a rocky footballing road. The 37-year-old has played for more obscure teams than you can pound shots at a bar—though not as many shots as Ronaldinho can pound. While at Paris Saint-Germain, the legendary party boy apparently threw down so hard that he only made it to one practice a week. And yet was still pretty nasty on the pitch.

Well, things have caught up with old Ronaldinho nowadays—even his futsal his career fizzled out after a spectacular two-day stint with an Indian league—and he's now rocking what can only be described as a PartyBod. But apparently, whatever toxins he poisoned his body with haven't yet reached his feet because this cat can still ball.

In a kind of Geriatric El Classico between Barcelona Legends and Real Madrid Legends today—the only kind of game that Ronaldinho can be found playing in these days—Ronaldinho was nearly a quarter-field length away from his former teammate Ludovic Guily, when he had the vision to go for a no-look pass. And it was devastatingly accurate. Guily picked it out of the air and put his arthritis pills to good use by slapping down a beautiful volley for the goal.

Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, Ronaldinho. Just invite me to the club the next time you're stateside.