Clemson Fans Give Coach World's Largest Group Hug, and It's Cult-Level Scary

Mystical desert rocks, anyone?

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Nov 8 2015, 12:50am

Ahhh!!! Ah!!! Oh man, that's scary. There's already a cult-like feel to Clemson—what with their mystical rock touching, hill running, and mis-naming their stadium after a desert that's 2,201 miles away. And now that they're No. 1, it's getting even worse with a whole new batch of bandwagoners to sip on some orange Kool-Aid.

So, fittingly, the Tigers ended their close game over No. 17 Florida State in just about the creepiest, cult-est way possible: in a fogged-up media dog pile surrounding Dabo Swinney (already with his built-in, made-up sounding cult leader name), which slowly revealed there to be thousands of fans in a sea of orange. Some people call it a tradition. Try "ritual."

The poor television crew. They probably had to hear cult chants and listen to life-affirmation goals and touch mystical desert stones before making their way out of the pile, just to appease the cult members. Meanwhile, with each breath the media inhale, they probably ingested a little bit of that orange cyanide Kool-Aid. They'll be dead by morning.

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