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Trap, Techno, And Dubstep Remixes Of Snoop Lion's "La La La" From China's Biggest Producers

Sulumi, Howie Lee, DJ Wordy, and bMd repurpose the hit for any party environment.

by Wang Ge and Billy Starman
Nov 2 2012, 8:00pm

After years of knowing and loving his “Doggy Dogg World”, it might take us some time to get used to Snoop’s new persona Snoop Lion. But it looks like his spiritual awakening is here to stay, and his new musical direction is a logical step for the artist, yielding some awesome tunes beginning with his recent single “La La La.”

Major Lazer’s production for the original track stays pretty true to the roots reggae vibe Snoop picked up during his time in Jamaica, as documented in the new VICE documentary following the experience, Reincarnated. And today we get three remixes of the track in three completely different styles from our favorite Chinese producers.

China's DMC champion DJ Wordy drops his scratching talents to Snoop's original, as he teams up with fellow beatmakers Soulspeak for a dubstep remix that keeps the drums mellow and acoustic.

Although reggae seems to be miles away from Beijing's 8-bit guru Sulumi, the genre-defying musician converts Snoop's sing-a-long to a dark, industrial, slow-burning techno track.

Specializing in bass-heavy production, Howie Lee lays a bass heavy trap beat under “La La La”—we all knew we’d hear a remix like this one soon enough.

Blending beat-driven jazz and hip-hop into his southern Chinese roots, Ah Long aka bMd pays homage to Snoop's hip-hop era, while aslo incorporating samples of traditional Chinese instruments.

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