Ana Sia Celebrates the Sexy Side of Independence in Her New Track

The Los Angeles producer explores her South Asian roots on "National Night."

Mar 31 2017, 10:42pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Los Angeles mainstay Ana Sia is today sharing the pummeling titular single from her new EP, National Night, for Space is the Place Records.

Though the DJ-producer now calls LA home, a press release notes that this song is an exploration of her "Chinese roots by way of Malaysia"—the country from which Singapore gained its independence on August 9, 1965, thereby marking their annual National Day. In "National Night," inspired by this holiday, Ana Sia celebrates the "sexy, unwritten side" of independence, taking the day of celebration into her night-world through thrashing, dark techno.

Speaking to THUMP over email, Ana Sia says of the EP, "My only real agenda with these two tracks was to get a full expression of the ingredients of me: a nod to my legacy in the titles and the sort of rhythms that move me most; 4 X 4 with deeper club sensibilities."

Listen to "National Night" below. Ana Sia's National Night EP is out now.

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