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CRUELS Filmed the Entire Stunning Video for "Give It Up" On His iPhone

The San Francisco-based producer almost went batshit crazy in the filming and editing process—but he did it.

by Michelle Lhooq
Sep 19 2015, 12:45am

CRUELS is San Francisco-based future house and R&B producer Giovanni Giusti, previously of the electronic duo The Limousines. (He apparently copped the alias from his uncle, an Italian farmer from the small village of Anchiano with a penchant for 19th century French literature.) "Give It Up" featuring Salt Ashes is off Giusti's debut solo release, and pretty amazingly, all of the footage was recorded on his iPhone 6. "I've been collecting iPhone footage of friends in symmetrical environments since Slo-mo was first released with the 5s. I wanted to tie together the visual collage of the material I was collecting, with no relation of each scene besides the style of filming," Giusti explains over email.

The subjects of the video are all his friends and family, who were filmed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Tuscany region of Italy. "It's a seemingly impossible task to edit a whole video using the iPhone app iMovie—trying to nudge mili-second clips with your redwood-sized fingers on a five-inch screen will drive anyone batshit crazy—but somehow I did it," Giusti continues. "The goal was to make something representative of my music and also cinematic and fashion-forward, using an everyday consumer device and apps."