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The Chemical Brothers Share Eerily Cyborgian Video For "Wide Open" Featuring Beck

The final track of their 2015 LP 'Born in the Echoes' gets the video treatment from directors Dom & Nic.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jan 25 2016, 6:42pm

English electronic duo, The Chemical Brothers, returned with their first album in half a decade last year, entitled Born in the Echoes, and they're still getting well-deserved mileage out of it. The record's closing track, the slow-burning and plaintive number "Wide Open", featuring American shapeshifter Beck, has just received video treatment almost half a year after its release.

Coming directed by Dom & Nic, whose previous credits include Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, and David Bowie, the track is brought to life with a mesmerizing solo dance performance in a sparsely decorated warehouse. Starring Ex Machina actress and dancer Sonoya Mizuno performing choreography by British choreographer Wayne McGregor, the video explores the cyborgian theme of prosthetic limbs and embodiment, seeing her body become more and more plastic as time goes on.

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