Tilt-Shift Turns Chicago into a Mini-Metropolis

What is this, a city for ants?

by Sami Emory
Jun 9 2015, 4:40pm

Screencaps and GIFs by the author, via 

Over the past few years, Joerg Daiber and his co-founded studio Spoon Film have spotlighted international cities in Little Big Worlda series of adorably alliterated hyperlapses. As with the previous Pocket Poland, Quirky Québec, and Little Laos films, Daiber shot this video, Cool Chicago, with a tilt-shift technique—the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids of camera techninques. In this comically minimized and sped-up urban sprawl, which invokes darwinfish105’s unaffiliated Tiny Tokyo vid from last year, the photographer spends just enough time on shots of the obligatory sites but dedicates most of his reel to smaller moments of humor and human interest—a construction worker going about his day or a group of uncoordinated tourists paddling up the Chicago River. 

Below, step inside the miniature world of Joerg Daiber’s Cool Chicago.

Follow Daiber and Spoon Film's series on Little Big World’s Facebook and YouTube pages. 


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