The Gang Replaces Dennis with a Sex Doll in the New 'Always Sunny' Trailer

And holy hell, Mac is buff now.
August 22, 2018, 10:03pm

On Wednesday, FX released the first trailer for the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and apparently, we won't have to worry about if Dennis is coming back after all—because the gang has replaced him with a terrifyingly life-like sex doll.

The fate of Glenn Howerton's character, Dennis, has been up in the air since he moved out of Philly at the end of last season to be a dad and the actor took a gig as a high school teacher on some primetime channel or something. And while the cast has promised that Dennis will appear in "a majority" of the new episodes, he'll apparently also have to share the screen with Mac's freakish Dennis fuck toy. Wonderful!

"Why did you get a sex doll of your own roommate?" season 13 guest star Mindy Kaling asks Mac in the trailer.

"I was super sad," Mac explains to the gang, showing off the cold, dead eyes and circular mouth of his rubber replacement friend. "And you said I needed something Dennis-shaped to fill my hole."

The rest of the minute-long trailer is full of bits and pieces teasing the various hijinks the gang will get up to when the new season debuts in September. From the look of it, the gang is going to struggle through a sexual harassment training; Dee and Artemis will attempt their own, female-centered Boggs challenge; and Charlie will somehow find his way into a bizarro Seinfeld world where he is Kramer. Oh, and Mac somehow got really, obscenely ripped, so it looks like Fat Mac is officially as dead as Country Mac now.

The new season of It's Always Sunny premieres September 5 on FXX. Until then, learn about how to seal a wound with super glue and lemon in the trailer above.

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