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Weekly Horoscope: October 14 - 20

The plot thickens...

by Randon Rosenbohm
Oct 14 2019, 10:30am

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

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After last week’s shocks and upsets from Uranus, the planet of surprises, the Libra season clock keeps on ticking. Messenger Mercury connects with Saturn and Pluto, offering a way out of crises and stressors by being clever and collaborating with your most powerful, resourceful connections. There’s still some shady information being revealed, and the plot thickens.

Messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn on Monday, October 14. This creates an opportunity to reach out to someone with authority, someone responsible who can assist you in detail-oriented Mercurial work. The sun clashes with Pluto on Monday, too, revealing a dark underbelly of corruption! A turning point is reached. Look out for manipulation.

On Tuesday, October 15, messenger Mercury creates a powerful harmony with Neptune, the planet of deception—this is the confusing part! While we’re making phone calls and connections to help us on our way, there can be some misleading information out there. Trust your rational brain, and use your creative, whimsical, romantic brain for a vision board or for daydreaming your ideal scenario. It could very well be within reach.

Mercury gently harmonizes with power planet Pluto on Saturday, October 19. If you go prying for information, you might find some things you’d be better off not knowing. Secrets are revealed through gossip, but before you go snooping around, make sure you’re minding your own business. Mercury in Scorpio knows that some things are better left unsaid. Also, there is the potential to be misinformed since Neptune is in the mix, too!

Sweet Venus creates a gentle harmony with Saturn, the planet of commitment, on Sunday, October 20. This aspect shows the potential for smooth sailing into an agreement, either spoken or written, that comes from a place of practicality and essential function. Venus is in Scorpio, a placement that takes values to their extremes. Commitments made under these skies will take every potential high and low into consideration.

All times ET.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

As the sun clashes with Pluto, there’s a regime shift occurring on your home front. You recognize your own power and control in your personal life, so step into it! This is a breakthrough in realizing how much say you have in matters of your physical body and personal space. There may be some confusion when it comes to paychecks or work flow as detail-oriented Mercury harmonizes with nebulous Neptune, but just go with the flow. You can’t necessarily control schedule changes or misunderstandings the same way you can control your personal life. Just be sure you’re not being manipulative or overpowering—Pluto can grip onto things way too tightly.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Important contracts can be signed, and you can get the better half of the deal as Venus gently harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of commitments. These aren’t necessarily written contracts; verbal agreements are also favorable now. More collaborative efforts come as Mercury gently harmonizes with Saturn, helping you get your point across and be taken seriously. However, your ideas can be almost psychically inspired, or even misleading, as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion. Use these intuitive insights as a source of inspiration and creativity, and use a fact-checker whenever you can! Other people can really help you bring the most far-out ideas down to earth.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

Messenger Mercury and sweet Venus gently harmonize with taskmaster Saturn, creating a bit of a concern about your financial stability. But you don’t have all the information yet, so simmer down. And if you don’t know, ask! You’re a curious one, Sag, so don’t let uncertainty get in the way of your mental wellbeing. Messenger Mercury will also be in strong harmony with nebulous Neptune, creating an even more confusing air of uncertainty, but at least you can depend on your friendships! The sun clashes with power planet Pluto, and your community can push you toward a wealth of resources.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Make sure you’re getting out and networking your little lonely heart out, Capricorn. You can step into your power in a multitude of ways. The sun clashes with Pluto, and you’re faced with a decision about your career and the reaches of your influence. You are luckily a very influential person; you just have to remember all the people that help hold you up, and this is a good time to do that. Messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of structure, echoing that sentiment exactly: Reach out to those who support you, and give them a sincere thank you. They might even be able to connect you with more supportive ventures. Venus gently harmonizes with Saturn as well, helping you contact the right folks.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

You are acting out of faith as the sun clashes with power planet Pluto. Trust your deep instincts—you might find that your gut feeling was right! Both Mercury and Venus gently connect with Saturn, your strict planetary ruler that loves rules. There are plenty of opportunities this week to reach out to people who have resources and support that aren’t totally apparent to you. You might think there isn’t enough of something to go around, especially as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, making things confusing or deceptive, but if you just ask for help, you can be connected to opportunities and resources that you didn’t even know existed!


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

You can be very inspired and increasingly intuitive this week. Messenger Mercury creates a strong harmony with your modern planetary ruler, Neptune, finding you in an imaginative and spiritual headspace. This is a good time to get in touch with your spiritual side or sort through what you believe, as you can imagine a vast, transcendental spectrum of possibilities. If you’re more of a secular horoscope reader, you can channel this to get creative with your ideas, generally speaking. If you’re not sure how far-out you sound, share these ideas with a friend who can help tether you back down to earth and be a source of support and connection, as Mercury gently harmonizes with responsible Saturn.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

While many things are taking place in your public life, make sure to give your private life a little love, too! Though you’re an independent person, other people are steering the boat right now. The sun clashes with power planet Pluto, showing a conflict between your relationships and your career ambitions. You can have it all, of course, but now is the time to truly get to know what that means. Get to the bottom of your drive to reach the top, accept it, and then use your connections to make it happen. Be mindful of vanishing money as Mercury harmonizes with nebulous Neptune—packages and paychecks may get lost in the ether, so stay on top of it.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

You are diligently making moves to see that your work is as efficient as possible and carrying you as far into the future as possible. As the sun clashes with resourceful Pluto, a decision is made about whether your current job is going to be your forever job, figuring out where it fits in the greater scheme of your 10-year plan. Mercury and Venus gently harmonize with Saturn, showing that you have personal connections that can put you in touch with your long-term goals. Your planetary ruler Venus gently harmonizes with responsible Saturn, encouraging you to commit to your future with another person. A very serious and practical collaboration takes place. It’s not all hard work and no play: Mercury’s harmony with Neptune shows that partying and socializing are there for a distraction when you need it!


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

This week you work on getting your money right, paying off bills or taxes little by little, or finding a way to apply for grants or scholarships. Messenger Mercury makes a gentle connection to taskmaster Saturn and resourceful Pluto, and you’re mindfully working to get some not-so-fun work done. (But it has to be done, it’s part of life!) Mercury also harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of deception, so things may seem confusing or overwhelming, but you have other people in your life who can help you, so ask for help if you need it! Very intense sexual or social dynamics are engaged as the sun clashes with power planet Pluto—if you’re not speaking honestly about your feelings, jealousy can be on the docket. You can always ignore people if they’re being rude.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This week brings a major turning point in your private and personal life that affects your relationships as the sun clashes with power planet Pluto. There is a conflict between your personal life and the feeling that you have control over your relationships. The best way to deal with Pluto is to loosen your grip and let things run their course. You can also find empowerment through conversations with your friends and lovers. Messenger Mercury gently connects with responsible Saturn, helping you open up to someone about your more serious and respectful interpersonal commitments. Others will take your word seriously, too, so it’s a good time to get your point across. You can also show a creative flair as Mercury harmonizes with dreamy Neptune.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

A major lifestyle change is occurring as the sun, your planetary ruler, clashes with power planet Pluto. Pluto blows things out of proportion and takes them to their most extreme lengths. You take action based on your most totalizing attitude toward something, but it’s not necessarily an all-or-nothing situation! You can have help making any tricky decisions from family or roommates as messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with practical Saturn, encouraging you to use your personal resources to make the most of your time. Mercury also harmonizes with Neptune, finding your mind wandering and wondering. Coworkers or family members can help ground your mind in a more practical sense, to help you from getting too distracted.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

There is a lot of mental activity going on right now, Virgo! Messenger Mercury, your planetary ruler, harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn and Neptune, the planet of fantasy. You can ground your thoughts in what brings you pleasure, while you also use inspiration from your relationships to find a creative flow. Daydreaming and brainstorming are encouraged. The sun clashes with Pluto, finding you making a major investment in the things that make you happy: friendships, sex, or creative pursuits. Venus also gently harmonizes with Saturn, and you’re taking your pleasures seriously, wondering why and how they function. Connect with someone who reminds you to laugh and to find more possibilities outside of what you believe you’re obligated to be doing.

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