Sick Kid's Christmas Wish to LeBron: "Dunk on Lonzo for Me"

This kid really deserves it all.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 14 2017, 9:51pm

Screen capture via Twitter/@FOXSportsOH 

LeBron James went to a Cleveland hospital to pay a visit to Andrew, who needed a pick-me-up, and got a request I bet he wasn't expecting: for him to dunk on Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. It was just precious.

Check out your man in action, asking the King to shame Lonzo on national television:

There are a couple of politics at play here that make this a particularly choice moment for Andrew to ask this: mostly that it's been super weird that LeBron has been talking up Lonzo Ball's game amidst rumors that James could make a move to the Lakers next year. Don't disappoint Andrew, though, LeBron. Lakers play Cleveland tonight at 8 PM EST. Delights.

h/t Fox Sports Ohio