Minnesota Player Rebounds and Scores While Sitting on His Ass

Amir Coffey, a Gopher, saw a clearing in a forest of men and shot his shot.

Nov 30 2017, 3:30pm

Screen capture via Twitter/BigTenNetwork

You can say that we've entered an era of basketball where height isn't all the game is cracked up to be. It's less about dunks and centers than it is about perimeter shooting and point guards. But that doesn't explain how this man got away with this in the paint—only a mere three and a half feet off the ground.

Minnesota's Amir Coffey was taken down, mid-drive, and found himself on his ass in the key, and when the ball eluded his teammates, he managed a rebound and a put-back—all from the ground—and the damned thing went in.

Coffey's tiny-man shots didn't continue, and that's probably the reason Minnesota lost to Miami 86-81. Tiny-man shots only, please.

h/t Reddit