Modded Trumpet Controller Lets You Doot 'Doom' Demons to Death

Someone modded a toy trumpet as a controller to play ‘Doom,’ and it works.

Sep 5 2018, 2:44pm

The original Doom is the ultimate moddable video game. The demon-slaying masterpiece can run on a thermostat, a billboard truck, a camera, and toasters. Modders have turned the game into a magic eye puzzle and a mind bending work of ASCII art.

Now, thanks to one intrepid YouTuber, Doom modders have achieved another, even more preposterous, level of success: They wired a toy trumpet to play Doom. When you doot, the demons die.

Image: ThatsAController screengrab

Doots and Doom are a match made in hell. Bethesda’s new Doom reboot ushered in a new era of modified soundtracks featuring toy trumpets blaring the theme and pictures of the Doom Slayer driven mad by demon dooting. Bethesda even sneaked a nod to the meme into the official soundtrack posting on YouTube. But dooting demons to death is a whole other level.

The video was uploaded a year ago, and is the only video on the channel ThatsAController. The four buttons on top of the trumpet to control movement. A hard breath of air into the horn fires the weapon.

The controller-trumpet works. The YouTuber slays his way through the first level of Doom II without any problems, and they do it while dressed as Darth Vader. At the end of the video, he sums up the experience: “Pros: fun to use, makes funny noises, use. Cons: few buttons, no spit valve. Pros/Cons: trumpet sounds can annoy people.”