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Video Shows ICE Agents Smashing a Family’s Car Window and Dragging the Dad Out

“After attempting to negotiate with Millan-Vazquez for about 25 minutes, the ICE officers were left with no other choice," said an ICE spokesman

by Gaby Del Valle
Jul 24 2019, 4:35pm

Kansas City officials and activist groups are blasting the Trump administration and the local police department over the brutal arrest of a local dad who got pulled over by ICE.

When Florencio Millan-Vazquez refused to roll down his car window after being pulled over by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers Monday, the officers smashed the window and dragged him out of the car.

The arrest was documented on Facebook Live by Cheyenne Hoyt, the girlfriend of 32-year-old Millan-Vazquez. The couple was reportedly taking their 7-month-old daughter to the doctor when a car pulled in front of them and a man who identified himself as an ICE officer said he had a warrant for Millan-Vasquez’s arrest.

Hoyt can be heard asking the officers if they have a warrant.

“Do you have proof that you’re here legally?” one officer replied when asked for a warrant. “If you have it, we’ll leave.”

At one point in the video, Millan-Vazquez can be heard telling the officers they have no right to break the car window because it’s his property.

“I don’t care whose property it is,” one officer responded. “You roll the window down or I’m gonna break it. That’s how it’s going to go. They’re here to talk to you and take you back to where you need to go, so you can either get out of the car, or we’re going to break the window and you can get out of the car. Which one are you going to do? You can either do it the hard way or the easy way.”

One officer smashed the window, pried the door open, and dragged Millan-Vazquez out. Officers with the Kansas City Police Department assisted with the arrest.

ICE spokesperson Shawn Neudauer told VICE News that Millan-Vazquez was previously granted voluntary departure by a judge in 2011. Five days after he returned to Mexico, immigration officials encountered him in the U.S., and he was issued an expedited removal order. Re-entering the U.S. after being deported is a felony.

“During the July 22, 2019, encounter with ICE officers, Millan-Vazquez was uncooperative and refused to exit his vehicle or follow lawfully issued commands issued by ICE and local police,” Neudauer said. “After attempting to negotiate with Millan-Vazquez for about 25 minutes, the ICE officers were left with no other choice than make the arrest by physically removing him from the vehicle.”

"He said that he had a warrant for my boyfriend’s arrest," Hoyt told a local news station of the ICE officer. "We asked to see the warrant. He refused us the warrant. I asked for the name on the warrant. He still refused."

On Facebook, Kansas City Mayor Sly James slammed the Trump administration for the arrest. “This issue is about politics and the hate-filled ideologies of the current administration in Washington,” Sly wrote. “Kansas City welcomes everyone. This is our city, and these are our neighbors and our friends.”

Elsewhere in the country, attempted ICE arrests have been stymied by immigrants refusing to open their doors. In Nashville recently, a group of activists formed a human chain around a man in his van who was being targeted by ICE, forcing officers to give up and leave.

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