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A Mysterious Horseman Lassoed a Wicked Bike Thief in a Walmart Parking Lot

Once the cowboy handed the thief over to the police, he presumably rode off into the sunset, Walmart shopping bags in tow.

by VICE Staff
Jun 10 2016, 7:46pm

Photo of the cowboy and his prey via the KOBI5 site.

Long ago, back when people wore chaps and bullet belts and rode majestically through the plains or whatever is happening in the new Magnificent Seventrailer, horses were our almost constant companions. They were our sidekicks, they were our partners, they were confidants who always had our back.

These days, we've mostly ground up our old horse pals to make glue and burgers, and turned to soulless machines for transportation. But on Friday morning, one brave soul proved that cowboys haven't gone extinct.

According to local NBC affiliate KOBI5, when a no-goodnik jacked a bicycle outside a Walmart in Eagle Point, Oregon, he soon found himself chased down by a vigilante on horseback. The cowboy was luckily armed with a lasso, and he roped the thief down in the Walmart parking lot like a rodeo competitor takes down a calf.

Apparently the rider had his horse saddled and ready in a trailer nearby when he noticed the perp pedaling off with the stolen bike. Once he was roped and restrained and the bike was returned to its rightful owner, the cowboy kept the crook subdued until the police arrived.

The bike thief is being held in the county jail for the theft, and our nameless cowboy hero is presumably riding off into the sunset somewhere, Walmart shopping bags in tow.

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