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Michael Magnan's Menacing Remix of AHBS and Dick Van Dick's "En Tu Casa" Was Made for the Club

​'Mate y Agave, The Remixes​' will be out for free download on January 29.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jan 27 2016, 11:20pm

Photo shot and styled by Nelleke McCowan

All last Winter, New York-based duo AHBS were hard at work crafting their debut album, Mate y Agave. Made with "visions of summer, sex, and herbal lifestyles," per the press release, it eventually came to see release on local label Doom Dab, and now they're giving the record a second lease of life with a fresh round of remixes.

Previously, they've gotten the likes of Stryker Matthews, Jay Boogie, and JX Cannon to contribute, but now they've turned to Physical Therapy-collaborator Michael Magnan for something really special. The Club Shade-affiliate has taken on the Dick Van Dick-featuring track "En Tu Casa," switching things up just enough to give the playful sexiness of the original a little bit more of an agitated bite.

Magnan gave THUMP some background for his remix via email: "The original is great on its own, so I didn't want to stray too too far from what they laid down," he explained. "I gave it kind of a cha-cha drum thing, chopped up Dick's vocals into more of a ballroom chant and made the bass line a little more menacing. Dick has a really relentless turn of phrase that makes him stand out from his peers, and that mixed with Alberto's kind of dry warning about being up in your mom's closet trying on her clothes is just too much for words. The whole thing adds up to being a great addition to the history of bitch tracks coming out of NYC clubs."

Dick Van Dick also weighed in: "'En Tu Casa' creeps out of your closet and into your eardrums like a stalker ex you can't escape," he offered. "Why fight the feeling?" Rounding things out, AHBS also told us what they were going for with the original: "This is our homage to classic NY house, with Dick as protagonist," they said." It was made for the club with the lights off and the smoke rising."

Check it out below, and be sure to pick up Mate y Agave, The Remixes when it's out for free download January 29. Also, try to make it to the release party if you can: it will be held January 28 at Le Bain, at the Standard High Line, NYC.

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