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This Gory Animation Tells A Gruesome Tale Of Robot Revenge

You’ll be surprised at how much robots can bleed.

by Kevin Holmes
Dec 4 2012, 1:43pm

DARK VESSEL - (bloody cartoon) from Rocky Curby on Vimeo.

Look away now if you’re offended by a cartoon robot having his legs hacked off at the knee while being hung in a noose, because that’s how this six minute robot slasher movie begins—and it proceeds to get more violent as it goes on, mixing up filmic genres as it does.

Created by Rocky Curby, it’s called Dark Vessel and it’s “rife with robot murder, mysticism, reincarnation, and revenge,” like all good animations about robots should be. A robot’s last words vow revenge via his spirit and shadow self—as you would do if you’d been brutally slain—-on the people who killed him.

This sets in motion a chain of stabby events where revenge is a dish best served with a side of blood and guts—because while robots may seem like they’re made of metal and electronics, once you start slicing them up their internal organs look all too human.

[via Vimeo]


Dark Vessel
Rocky Curby