Watch the Longest Hail Mary Pass Ever, Aboard the Space Station

Flying high.

Feb 6 2017, 2:35pm

Did you watch the Super Bowl... in space? 

If it had been played by Earth measurements, it'd be a pretty short game, as the International Space Station orbits the planet at 17,500 miles per hour. The ball would hurtle past the audience and players at 25,666 Earth-feet per second. 

NASA Johnson's video shows one of the crew setting a pigskin spinning through the ISS's corridors, beginning with a spectacular view of Earth through the cupola. It rolls lazily through 564,664 yards of zero G. Realistically, it's only traveled less than a football field of length through the station, but on Earth it would have traveled a little farther than the length of North Carolina's coastline. 

This toss would blow the current record of a 60 mph pass out of the atmosphere, but the rules on whether a player's feet need to be on the ground or 250 miles above it are unclear. Unfortunately, the pass is incomplete. It bonks against a door edge in the narrow station corridors before coming to a stop.

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