"Frozen Motion" Brings A Mirrored Perspective To Snowboarding Photography

Snowboard photographer Samo Vidic teams up with pro Marko Grilc for this electrifying, experimental photo series.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Feb 16 2016, 4:38pm

Given its casually death-defying antics and near-superhuman exploits, it's no surprise that in the wide world of extreme sports, artists often find their perfect subjects and sources of inspiration. In the case of Slovenian shutterbug Samo Vidic, the high-flying stunts of mountain snowboarding provide the perfect backdrop to try out new and innovative photographic techniques, yielding project Frozen Motion.

No stranger to the icy slopes, Vidic had the idea to bring mirror-photography to the mountain range for years. Alongside Red Bull reinforcements, Vidic and company decided to bring large mirrors onto the halfpipe at Absolut Park in Austria to capsure a session with professional snowboarder Marko Grilc. With a few on-the-fly adjustments and quite a few more lights, Vidic and Grilc were able to turn the perfect night session into this series of explosive snowboarding portraits. 

Above, the behind-the-scenes documentary featurette Vidic and company created on Frozen Motion. Below, Vidic and Grilc's expertly crafted, brand-spankin' new photo series:

To learn more about the project, visit Frozen Motion on Red Bull Photography


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