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9 Wonderfully Bizarre Sculptures To Weirden Up Your Day

Step into the loopy and surreal world of artist Iván Prieto.

by Laura Feinstein
Nov 22 2013, 8:37pm

Though it's easy to make comparisons to other Spanish surrealists like Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí (or Guillermo del Toro for that matter), sculptor Iván Prieto‘s work is in a category all its own. Fun, strange, and occasionally disturbing, Prieto's sculptures (many of them NSFW) create a heightened sense of "what?" via careful placement, and a juxtaposition between the abstract work and natural or everyday surroundings.

Below, watch as Prieto's sculptures: 

...go for a dip in a lake.

...sneak out for mischief.

...get into craziness in the kitchen.

...walk around the street with their many legs.

...dangle upside down from hooks in an alley.

...take a pink dog for a walk.

...act large and in charge in platform heels.

...and maybe or maybe not solicit women of the night. Your call!

For more of Prieto's work you can click here.

via Beautiful/Decay

Iván Prieto