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The Prodigy’s New Maniacal Video For “Get Your Fight On” Will Probably Give You PTSD

It’s an adrenaline-pumping terror that will make your instincts go fight or flight.

by Ellena Basada
Jul 10 2015, 6:10pm

If you like being scared in an "oh-I-may-get-my-tongue-ripped-out-to-be-sacrificed-to-some-demon" sort of way, then The Prodigy's new video for "Get Your Fight On" is for you. The bellum-breeding song is released ahead of their forthcoming EP, The Night Is My Friend, a follow-up to their LP from earlier this year, The Day Is My Enemy. Clearly, none of the band's punk-vampires are going to be seen walking around in the sun.

London-based video director Bartleberry Logan masterfully captures the intense primal rage at the core of The Prodigy's live shows. Yet, it goes beyond that still: a man still and staring in a moshing crowd, animal masks on human bodies, eyes with no pupils. This video has a chilling air that gives life to this brutal track.

North American fans will be able to experience the dark primacy of The Prodigy later this summer at their headlining slots at Riot Fest in Chicago, Denver, and Toronto.

Say your prayers and clean your underwear before The Night is My Friend is released on July 31.

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