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Hold on to Your Techno Trousers, Carl Craig and Green Velvet Just Dropped a New Album

What the fuck? Carl Craig and Green Velvet just pulled a techyoncé.

by Angus Harrison
Mar 24 2015, 7:44pm

The holiday season is far gone lost in a trail of wintery mix, but somehow for us all, the gift of techno just keeps on giving. Carl Craig and Green Velvet, two godfathers of machine-music, have seemingly out of nowhere joined forces on a collaborative LP.

The album, titled Unity, has been released on Green Velvet's label Relief and at first glance looks like a mind bending workout in pummeling galactic techno, beginning with a hype-building vocal introduction "from the outer reaches of the galaxy". The rest of the tracks sound like some sort of soul-burned-through-space. All in all, if you're two fans of these innovators, you're going to be into this.

What makes the project even more intriguing is the lack of information indicating anything of this sort was coming. Carl Craig has in the past remixed Green Velvet's "Destination Unknown" as well as playing alongside him at Exit Festival; but there was absolutely nothing to suggest they were about to unleash a full record. Kendrick who right?

You can both preview and purchase the album over at Beatport. More reaction and in depth analysis to follow, once we've calmed down.

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