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Celebrate the longest days of the year with loops that never end.

by Nathaniel Ainley
Jun 24 2016, 4:20pm

via GIPHY by Gustavo Torres/Kidmograph

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, when the sun has reached its highest position in the sky and everyone living north of the equator can officially declare it bathing suit season. This year, the longest day of visible sunlight fell on a Monday, June 20th. Did you notice? Neither did I. According to, the Solstice this year coincided with a full moon, a celestial occurrence that hasn’t come about since 1967 and won’t again until 2062. So not only is it the start of summer, but these solstices only happen twice a year, in June and December, giving us more than enough reason to celebrate. Different cultures around the world have their own ways of celebrating the start of it—here at The Creators Project, we thought we would share in the festivities with a Summer Solstice sixer for your viewing pleasure.

via GIPHY by Haydiroket (Mert Keskin)

via GIPHY by Sofiahydman

via GIPHY by Carl Burton

via GIPHY by Gustavo Torres/Kidmograph

via GIPHY by Renderfruit

via GIPHY by Nicolas Ulloa

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